About University of Panthernomics

The University of Panthernomics

The School of Black Economics Development and Sustainability was founded by Eddie Johnson as a solution to the problem of Black Economic. The University of Panthernomics applies a non-traditional and a revolutionary approach to Economic Development and Sustainability, and it isn’t associated with, nor is it funded by any government grants or other federal organizations. We feel that we don’t have to register with any clandestinely established regulatory agencies, who only serve the purposes of keeping us depended and the people subjects to their economically oppressive system. Because we are a private organization, we excersise the rights of exclusion to anyone seeking to enroll or take part in anything we consider to be members only.

Our Believes:
We believe, we don’t have to go to anyone or agency to ask for permission to establish our OWN Economic system, and begin to change and shift the dynamics in our communities. We have a god given right to the pursuit of happiness, so long as our doing for self, doesn’t interior or intrude with anyone elses.

The great Malik El Shabbaz (Malcolm X) asked; “Who did the WHITE MAN go to get his power? If he didn’t have to go to anyone to what he wants why should we!

Mission and Values:
Our mission is to educate the unconscious members of our community in the area of economics, so that they become conscious contributors in the development of our OWN Economic System.

Our Goals:
Our goal is to simply to reach those who desire knowledge of self, and have enough love for themselves, to reach and teach others who have the same will.

About our Founder:

Our Programs:

Operation Hannibal:


Do you accept enrollment from other ethinc groups of people?
Currently, NO! We believe that the issues we face a A whole have to be addressed before we can invite anyone outside of our ethnic group.

What is The tuition suggested donation?
The donation of tuition is based off the enrolling parties involvement, if they are enrolled in The Hannibal Brigade, their tuition is Free, so long as they are doing enrolled and active in the brigade.

All other tuition donations are based on the instructor. If they, need help with the donation we offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships.